The Private Salon

Have you ever walked into a hair salon and felt instantly overwhelmed by the presence of too many people? I have, such a situation changes your mood at times, deters you from asking questions, making requests or takes away the simplicity of enjoying your hair being shampooed. Sometimes I just want to close my eyes and enjoy being pampered by my stylist but that loud noise and piercing eyes takes that away. Vanity Hair Studio NYC may be a wish granted for many of us – located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn this salon offers its clients private styling where cutting, washing and drying are done in individual boots.

The 500 Square foot space features exposed brick walls, subtle relaxing paint color, minimalist decor, two private styling rooms and a barber room – the rooms are large enough to accommodate two people. There are also separate areas for washing and drying. Opened in 2012 the Vanity concept was created to give its clients the element of Privacy. A place where women and men can be open with their stylist, ask questions without being self conscious or embarrassed.

Speaking with Owner Natasha Watterson was a pleasure – she truly gave insights to her concept and thought process in creating the perfect salon. Doing her homework and drawing the layout was a very personal and important part of her process. Natasha found during her research that a few salons did offer private rooms however it was offer as a special request and of course it cost more. Her clients were her number one concern and as such offering private room had to be a standard amenity. While the element of privacy was a huge part of Vanity’s concept, Individualized experience was a priority – respecting her clients time, providing a relaxing atmosphere where her clients felt kindness and supported were also high on her list.

What a breath of fresh air this is, definitely a worthwhile experience and I’m sure after such an experience it will be difficult to go back to a traditional salon – she’s on to something and I can’t wait to experience Vanity Hair Studio.

Located at

325 Nostrand Avenue

Between Lexington Avenue & Quincy Street

Brooklyn NY 11216

Phone:       718-218-5691

Website:  Vanity Hair Studio NYC


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