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A New Café Experience

A new Café opened its doors yesterday in Brooklyn, promising us a Unique Brewing Experience at $18.00 for a cup of the cafe’s exotic offerings. Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab, now calls a 2,000 square-foot minimalist space in Industry City Brooklyn, home. This new space is described as an “innovative showroom with a stage to experience the world’s best coffees and teas. The space was designed to create an atmosphere where education and interaction is encouraged.

The cafe’s goal is to educate, by showcasing the value chain from crop to cup and to provide an experience like no other for coffee and tea drinkers, alike. Customers get a first-hand peek into the world of specialty coffees and teas; they can choose their brew based on, origin, variety, brand roaster, processing method, and cultivar. Once the customer places an order – they have front row access to the entire brewing process. AD Extraction Lab uses their STEAMPUN® machine, a high-end single-cup brewer for most of their made-to-order coffees and teas; and their SIGHT® batch brewer machines for selective teas and coffees. The space features eight machines which cost approximately $13,900 for two.

Collaborating with approximately 50 of the World’s best Roasters and tea producers – there will be a rotation of selective coffees each month and have no fear if you’re a tea drinker because you’ll have access to 50 different types of teas…how exciting. The Cafe’s collaborations not only gives us access to some of the world’s best coffees and teas – we’ll have a chance to try recipes from global brewers which are shared via a mobile app (AD app).

While $18.00 does seem excessive for a cup of coffee – there are offerings from $3.00 for  AD Extraction Lab more affordable in-house roast is made possible through a close partnership with Ninty Plus Gasha Estates who offers direct trade coffees.

There you have it Brooklynites a new spot to try and Brooklyn now officially holds the title for the Country’s most expensive cup of coffee – a title held previously by San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee which sells a cup of Port of Mohka coffee sourced from Yemen for an affordable $16 a cup :).


Information via Daily Coffee News and Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab



 51 35TH ST. BROOKLYN, NY 11232
(718) 704-0840



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