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Brunch has become the most important meal of the weekend for most people these days. During the week I speak about Breakfast (which I don’t have), Coffee (which is a must have), Tea and the possibility of Lunch. On Friday mornings my friends and I are usually planning our weekend and Brunch is pretty much the weekend plan. We have a chance to talk about our week, support each other and enjoy great food.

Whether you’re a lover of the Richness of an Avacado Toast or an appetizing Classic, like Eggs Benedict you’re bound to enjoy your weekends with the endless Brunch Options.

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The quietness, the Garden ambiance, the natural lighting, the coziness and the intimate feel with a pleasing menu makes this place a favorite. I love the Salmon Benedict, but the Roasted Banana stuffed French’s taost is definitely a crowd pleaser.

135 N 5th Street, Brooklyn,

Vinegar Hill House
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Tucked away just east of Dumbo, Vinegar Hill House is one of Brooklyn’s hidden gems. I’m not a Pancake lover, but somehow I fell in love with the Sourdough Pear Pancake, the old time charm and the coziness of winter.

72 Hudson Avenue , Brooklyn

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It’s Rustic and cozy – it’s feels like home with a seasonal menu. I love the friendliness and the casual vibe. Not a large menu offering but very tasty. I’m yet to order a brunch item because the Cali Burger stole my heart with a side of bacon (because bacon makes everything great) and smoked Gouda.

124 Bedford Avenue @N 10th Street



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