The last two weeks have been really nutty for me, from me nursing the flu to training new staff and as a result I haven’t gotten into the spirit of the holidays instead I’ve been angry, doubtful and a chronic complainer. This is indeed my favorite time of the year because I adore the holidays…I’m always excited and expectant of all the Magic that will happen in December. This year is different I just couldn’t shake the way I was feeling. As I lay in my bed feeling sorry for myself and thinking about all the things that weren’t going my way, it happened “that moment”  it suddenly dawned on me, not so long ago my business was suffering significantly because I didn’t have the right support staff and the flu had forced me to stay in bed and actually rest, something I don’t think I did all year and at that moment I stopped and simply said “Thank You” and I really honestly meant it.

What a relief I felt from saying those two little words – with the rest I got I now feel refreshed and re-energized to take on the world and with my two new addition to my support team, I’ve pretty much set myself up for a successful 2015 and that was pretty awesome! If you’re feeling anywhere to close to the way I was feeling, stop, take a deep breathe, think of all the good things in your life this very moment (simply waking up this morning could be one of them) and just say “Thank You” because being grateful is the beginning of many many blessings.

December is still the most Magical month to me but now it’s become a month to be grateful for everything in my life: the good – the bad – the indifferent.

Be grateful & expect magical things to happen.




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