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At the beginning of each month, I’m always excited to share with you the things we plan on sharing here on the site. Sadly this month, I’m at a loss for words. I’m not only at a loss for words I’m sad, but I’m also angry. I’m frustrated but also deeply hurt. And most of all, I’m mentally and physically exhausted.  Sometimes I’m in disbelief that we are still dealing with systemic racism, white supremacy, and the United States’ awful history of police brutality. It’s 2020 is yes racism is alive and kicking. Like it or not, we’re here, and this is our reality, but what are we going to do about it? What actions will we take to initiate long-standing changes? Unfortunately, I don’t have those answers. I wish I did.

Unfortunately, we’re dealing with two pandemics. The Coronavirus and Racism which has lead to even more significant uncertainty in our lives today. In the wake of last week’s killing by Minneapolis police officers of  George Floyd, and the recent killing by police of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky. I sit here praying for guidance, support, and forgiveness for the many negative thoughts that are running through my mind.

When will this stop–when will the lives of Black People matter? How inhuman to take the life of another. Is there so much hate in our world that taking the life of another human being because of the color of their skin is considered to be ok? I pray for the courage to find it in my heart to love others unconditionally, even those who are ignorant and lack the understanding that Black Lives Matter.

I’m tired of worrying about my men in my life that means the world to me, will they leave home one day and not return? I am afraid of what the future will look like for my nephews. Life is stressful as it is–no one should have to worry about their innocent loved ones dying at the hands of racist police officers.

I do not have any wise words today–all I can say is we all need to get up and stand up against racial prejudice, police brutality, and intolerant behaviors. We need to become an advocate for Human Rights and Stand up. We need to make everyone understand that the lives of Black People matter, and there is an urgent need for change–real change.

If I have babbled, please forgive me.

As Always, I’m sending Love. Stay Safe.



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