Wood-Fire Beets

Wood-fire beets

When it comes to beets the audience is fiercely divided. Some people love them while others loathe them. I love beets and so many things about them. I am in love with the beautiful colored root vegetable, which usually comes in deep red color and also comes in several shades. These little beauties are good for your heart, they can reduce inflammation in your body, they can improve your digestive health, they are amazingly good for your brain and they have excellent cancer-fighting properties.

I love them juiced, with feta cheese, in my salad, as a side dish and most recently I fell in love with Ainslie’s (Italian Restaurant) wood-fire beets. It is appealing and didn’t disappoint. It met and surpassed my expectations.

This is a MUST try!


76 Ainslie Street Corner of Keap Street



TUES – THURS 5:00PM – 2:00AM

FRI  4:00PM – 3:00AM

SAT: 2:00PM – 3:00AM

SUN: 2:00PM – 2:00AM




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