You need a Vacation

It’s a New Year and the best time to plan – more importantly, it’s the best time to plan a vacation. When was the last time you took a vacation? If you’re a tad bit like me, it’s been way too long. After the stress of the holiday – it may be time to get away for a bit, even if it’s just for a weekend or how about a mini stay-cation at a local hotel.

A Time to Reflect  

As I mentioned a new year is certainly a great time to plan – it is also a great time to Reflect. We live in times where there is a high % of anxiety and depression. Many of us are experiencing quarter-life crises while thirty-somethings are dreading life period.

Travel Deals  

Vacations booked during this time allows you the opportunity to be choosy. This is an off-peak season and you are more likely to snag some great deals. Shop around – look for the best deals now, instead of paying double or more during the peak season.

Taking a Time Out

Many of us are slaves to our Mobile phone (I darn near had a panic attack when I couldn’t find my phone last week) and technology and let’s not forget Social Media. We spend way too much time engaged with these things instead of other human beings (and like or new follower isn’t considered a human being) or nature. Book a vacation to a place you’ve never been, one that’s dreamy, beautiful, adventurous and simply amazing. Reconnect to yourself, nature or your traveling companion (if there’s one) and you’ll have a chance to recharge.

Live a Little – Why don’t ya  

Life is way shorter than any of us would like to admit – book a little getaway today and discover the beauties of the world or those right in your own backyard.





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